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Bitcoin Ring is an exclusive project offering limited edition rings crafted from solid gold, with only 50 rings being produced in total.

Each Bitcoin Ring is individually numbered, ranging from 1/50 to 50/50, denoting its order in the limited edition collection.

Bitcoin Rings numbered 1-30 are crafted from 18K gold, while numbers 31-50 are made from 14K gold, ensuring both luxury and quality.

No, the Bitcoin Ring is not equipped with NFC technology; it is designed as collectible fine jewelry.

Bitcoin Ring accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Tether as payment options, providing flexibility for customers.

Yes, all Bitcoin Rings are made to order, allowing customers to select their preferred ring size.

It typically takes approximately 3-5 weeks for a Bitcoin Ring to be completed and shipped to the customer.

Yes, customers will receive a tracking number once their Bitcoin Ring is shipped, allowing them to monitor the delivery status.

Bitcoin Ring offers a warranty on purchases; for detailed information, please refer to the warranty terms available on the website.

Yes, Bitcoin Ring provides custom jewelry services, enabling customers to design personalized pieces, including unique crypto-themed designs.

Yes, Bitcoin Ring ships internationally, allowing customers from around the world to acquire these exclusive pieces.

International orders may be subject to customs duties or taxes, which are the responsibility of the customer. Please consult your local customs office for more information.

To create a custom jewelry piece, simply contact Bitcoin Ring with your design ideas, and their team will work with you to bring your vision to life.

Yes, Bitcoin Ring offers engraving services for customers who wish to add a personal touch to their ring. Please inquire about engraving options when placing your order.

Yes, each Bitcoin Ring comes with a certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing the purity and quality of the gold used in its construction.

For any additional questions or assistance, please reach out to Bitcoin Ring's customer support team via email or through the contact form on their website. They are dedicated to providing excellent service and support to all customers.



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