Return Policy

Updated 04/01/2024


All Bitcoin Rings are made to order, crafted, and produced just for you. Therefore, we do not accept returns for reasons of buyer’s remorse. Returns are only accepted in the unlikely event of a manufacturing defect or if you wish to upgrade the design to a higher-value item. We do not accept jewelry returns for any other reason. You have a 15-day window from receiving the ring to initiate a return or request a design upgrade exchange. Proof of purchase is required to complete a return claim.


  • Custom Design Orders: Custom-designed items cannot be returned, exchanged, or canceled.
  • Modified Designs & Engraved Jewelry: Jewelry items that have been modified, engraved, or changed in any way.
  • Worn Jewelry: Our jewelry must be returned in the same condition as they were upon delivery, with their original packaging intact.
  • Damaged Jewelry: We do not accept jewelry pieces damaged due to misuse.
  • Altered Jewelry: Jewelry pieces that have been plated, resized, or altered in any way will not be accepted for return.
  • Incomplete Sets: Jewelry pieces that are part of a set but are missing other components will not be accepted. 
  • Non-Genuine Jewelry: Jewelry found to be non-genuine Bitcoin Rings will not be accepted.
  • Sale Items: Jewelry pieces on sale are not eligible for return.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and additional conditions may apply. For further information regarding specific circumstances, we recommend contacting our customer service at


Please note that any shipping and insurance costs incurred for a return are the customer’s sole responsibility and will not be refunded if we fully or partially accept your refund claim. Our company is not liable for lost or damaged packages during the return shipping process. We recommend using a trackable shipping service or purchasing shipping insurance, as we cannot guarantee the receipt of your returned item.


Per industry standards, returned items will be inspected thoroughly to assess their original condition. Upon completing the inspection, you will receive an email notification regarding receiving your returned item and our decision to accept or reject the refund claim. If any refund claim is accepted, it will be processed and applied to your original payment method within 5-10 business days.


At our discretion, we may accept the return of an item after a thorough quality inspection. In such cases, a restocking fee of 25% of the returned item’s price may be charged, provided it meets our quality standards.


If ten (10) business days have passed and you have not received a refund, please contact your crypto wallet provider. Refunds may take time to process and reflect in your crypto wallet and statement. Please contact us if you have completed the above steps and have not received the refund.


Exchanges are only available for defective or damaged items. Please note that the time it takes for the exchanged item to reach you may vary depending on the shipping destination. Once an item has been exchanged, no further exchanges can be made on the same order.


We accept cryptocurrency payments, but please be aware of the following regarding refunds:

  • Tether Value Basis: Refunds will be issued based on your purchase’s Tether (USDT) value at the time of the transaction, not the current market value of any other cryptocurrency used.
  • Capped Refund: A capped refund refers to a limit on the amount of cryptocurrency refunded that cannot exceed the amount initially received from the customer. This ensures we never refund more cryptocurrency than what was paid for the purchase.
  • Refund Currency: We will issue the refund using the same cryptocurrency used for the purchase. The amount of cryptocurrency refunded will be capped at the amount initially received, ensuring we never refund more cryptocurrency than what was paid. The prevailing exchange rate will determine the exact amount at the time of the refund issuance.
  • Restocking Fee: A 25% restocking fee will be deducted from the refund amount for all returned items.
  • Transaction Fees: The buyer is responsible for any transaction fees incurred during the initial purchase or a refund.


Due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, the cryptocurrency you receive upon refund may be less than the amount you originally paid, even if the cryptocurrency’s price has increased. This is because we will never refund more cryptocurrency than we initially received.


If you purchase an item for $100 worth of Bitcoin (BTC) when 1 BTC = $100, and you request a refund when 1 BTC = $200, you will receive the equivalent of $70 worth of Bitcoin (after the 25% restocking fee) based on the exchange rate at the time of the refund. This adheres to the capped refund policy, ensuring we do not issue more BTC than what was received.


If you purchase an item for $100 worth of Bitcoin (BTC) when 1 BTC = $100, and you request a refund when 1 BTC = $50, you will receive a maximum of 1 BTC (which equals $50 at the current rate) back after the 25% restocking fee is applied. This is because the refund is capped at the original amount of cryptocurrency received.

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